Post Hole Digger with Crane delivery site,send to Indonesia
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Post Hole Digger with Crane delivery site,send to Indonesia
Post Hole Digger with Crane delivery site,send to Indonesia This machine have been ordered for three times by our hornored Indonesia customer,when we got feedback from him,he said:we will place an order next time again from you,because of your sincerely attitude,thoughtful service,brilliant quality and competitive price.What a wonderful customer! That’s right.Integrity of company operations is lead to the protection of repeat customers.We always uphold the integrity of management, customer first.that is why ZB Machinery always won the good reputation from our customers. A lot of variety, Shop!Go,Go,Go! Related Product: Digging machine drill is the working parts, direct contact with the soil by the drill pipe, drill, spiral fins. According to the number of spiral fins can be divided into single, double or multi type drill. The experimental results show that the single head than double easy buried, especially in hard soil conditions, but the unstable work digging machine when the helical vane in drill pipe driven by spin down at the same time penetration of soil, the soil cutting down side by side to the pit, and around in the pit digging machine. The performance is directly affected by the shape of the nose digging a variety of factors, work parameters and soil condition for many years. To this field of research workers in addition to digging machine structure parameters, production efficiency, vibration and noise were tested and studied, but also the shape and structure parameters on the working parts of the influence of operating parameters on the machine can use the machine. Mechanical soil dynamics theory, on the working parts of the digging machine and soil interaction mechanism of in-depth study. Double spiral drill advantages and disadvantages: the drill with double spiral blade bit its structure simple, convenient manufacture, in the market generally applicable, soilusing the thrust produced by cutting the soil above the soil spiral launch, finally be thrown so unearthed larger cutting force and thrust.
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