Chain trencher send to Egypt container delivery site
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Chain trencher send to Egypt container delivery site
Chain trencher send to Egypt container delivery site Chain trencher tractor is also name as ditcher,which could be divided into large size,middle size and small size.Our customer ordered our middle size machine, ditching width is 20-60cm,ditching depth is 600-180cm,working efficiency is 150-500m/h.He said it is suitable for his irrigation channels.besides, also can be used for gas pipelines,oil pipelines,tap water pipelines,underground cable laying work of ditching operation. Related products: Tree planting digging machine detailed technical index :digging depth ≤ 90cm,diameter ≤ 80cm, powder reference 15-85kw(18-110HP),working efficiency is 3-5 holes/min,pure working time fuel consumption is 1.5-3L/H.It is widely used for fast-growing and high -yield plantation on the pit area and city landscape, suitable for conversion of cropland to forest,afforestation digging;also could be used for operation in the condition of plains,hills,rivers,sand, horizontal/ flat hole site preparation,stumping etc. If you are interested in this type of machine,please feel free to inquire us or come to our factory testing personally.
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