(Uganda order )Disc ditching machine delivery site
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(Uganda order )Disc ditching machine delivery site
(Uganda order )5T crane without shovel machine delivery site This machine adopts the large horse powder tr-actor as powder source,high cross-country performance;high quality steel for hydraulic telescopic arm, a telescopic arm effectively solve the resulting in high load operation frozen gravel and pebble area deformation pressure; adopting imported hydraulic motor,ensure the drilling wok stability; the utility patent technology,coal mine alloy bit durable special,machine compared to other similar products more than 1 times. Related Product: Disc ditching machine with small size.This machine also have 3 sizes:small,middle and large.All of them are suitable for variety for four wheel tractors with 20 HP,32HP,90HP respectively. It with high speed backfill machien is designed for the latest products cyclotron trencher design,high working efficiency,500-700 m/h.If you have interests in this type machine,welcome to contact and consult with our company,let us establish a win-win business.
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