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4 ways to dig pole holes nicely

4 ways to dig pole holes nicely

power concrete pole drilling and erection machine is our patent product, afforestation can be dug up the pole, but also for the foundation, is the most widely in the mechanical adaptability of science and technology in 2015 of a new product, is by the sea under the mechanical technician about digging holes digging machines four skills:
First, to operate the tractor hydraulic equipment and skilled of telescopic arm drills, telescopic forearm bit position adjustment.
The second one, the best operating tractors, one person in the following command, drill positioning, in order to better play a vertical hole.
Third, before you go, should check whether fill up and all parts are in good condition, clean and flexible.
Fourth, guarantee the bit clean without sundry, if in use process, drill in drilling avoid to stick some sundry, to clear in time, lest affect pit speed.

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