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our machine Envisioned Future

In terms of the current sales situation, came to the sea machinery, you'll see the packed hole digger is in the middle of the factory, waiting for the arrival of the container truck.Two full containers of digging machines is received orders on Canton fair this year, if the goods in the Russian market sales steady, then they will receive more orders from the Russian market.Production line is very busy, now during the season of southeast Asia market, the company produces the digging machine sent to almost all of southeast Asia.
Foreign businessmen are also calculated, if choose cheap goods, in the late digging machines use to pay the maintenance cost is relatively high, and the production of machinery supply high quality models price although some, but the repair rate is extremely low.After a foreigner a calculate, or choose our products make more digging machines.
Garden high industry has only just rise up, the future will be have a big piece of bright prospects.
Digging machine adopts German technology, powerful and stable, cylinder wall after chrome plating processing greatly prolong the service life of the engine.Precision parts;The integration of the sealed bearing effectively prevent the disadvantages of frequent card machine, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs by the user.Welcome to our factory to visit.