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How to Reduces Fuel Consumption

In order to make our earth auger drilling machine can have a better working performance, we should choose the best oil digging machines, so when for choosing oil digging machines, which performance standards should be pay attention to?
Digging machines in the process of operation, fuel costs accounted for a third of the whole cost.At the same time, the proper use of fuel is can prolong the service life of the machine, reduce the cost of repair, to improve the production efficiency is of great importance.Earth auger commonly used oil with gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil and grease.We are the most commonly used oil, we should all be familiar with its specific performance, in order to achieve safety, high efficiency and low consumption.
Diesel oil is the main mechanical "food", when used to understand the following performance metrics:
1, viscosity.Is under the condition of normal temperature of the diesel thick loose degree and index of liquidity.Viscosity, flow is difficult, physical and chemical quality is poor, mixed with the air of uneven, combustion will be easy to smoke;Low viscosity, column ring seal is bad words will easy to leak, not form the oil film, the parts are easy to wear.
2, solidifying point.Is the temperature of the oil loss of liquidity, the moment to make diesel lose freezes when the temperature of the liquid condensation point.In order to keep the engine running at low temperature, require low freezing point diesel fuel.
3, flash point.Under prescribed conditions of heating oil, its vapor and air mixture after exposure to fire a flash, the oil temperature is called a flash point at this moment.Flash point of said oil stability at high temperature.