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compared with old type earth auger

Questions about hydraulic hole digger modification, we have said before, for some tractor products currently on the market, most of us can be modified, and you can use our after hanging hydraulic hole digger, but part of the customers are relatively old-fashioned tractor modification is more troublesome, also is not cost-effective, so suggest to buy new tractor equipment or direct purchase a complete set of tractor product digging machines, we also help customers to use after the suspension of many hydraulic hole digger, so for the old tractor, we can, but is not cost-effective, and old-fashioned power can't keep up with it is no good, so we recommend a new tractor equipment or buy one of the digging machines.
The zb machinery is a professional manufacturer of digging machines in the central plains, we specialized in the production of digging machines, portable, digging machines after the tractor hanging hole digger, small hole digger, ditching machine, furrowing machine equipment, our small earth auger drill gift accessories, welcome all customers to our company on-the-spot investigation of choose and buy, also can be purchased through our cod, details online consult my company staff and sales manager.