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15 meters electric pole drilling machine

15 meters electric pole drilling machine is designed according to a 15meters concrete poles, pay attention to for more than 1 ton, and obtained the national patent certificate of pole digging holes derrick earth-moving machine.
The digging machine all operating system adopts hydraulic device, easy to understand accord with human body engineering.Power to choose the type 1004 four-wheel-drive tractor, dynamic power, high speed, large torque;Adopting spiral drill pipe and alloy bit, 1 minute a pit speed, crushed stone brick concrete for drilling vertical pit and durable;Add 8 tons crane, derrick fast, lightweight and flexible;Adding bulldozing devices, let the earth auger as simple as eating quickly.Save labor, improve the safety of engineering, automation for power engineering in our country and the world.
ZB machinery design 15 meters pole digging machines can also easily erect 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters of telegraph concrete poles, can design according to customer requirements and production of earth auger, digging holes trenching machine and other mechanical equipment.Welcome people from all walks of life to plant on-the-spot investigation of commissioning to choose.