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Regular maintenance is the key to extend the life of the tractor engine

Digging machines maintenance knowledge is very much, a lot of people would not have to involve in the process of production of some of the operation, but you should know here it is very important for the use of digging machines, so today pole digging holes vendors would only want to and you said some of the matters we have to do, if you do not take the digging holes in the process of production of machine maintenance, then it must be to look at, so for everyone to use earth auger is a very big help!Can buy because they dig a hole in the earth auger machine different so all air-cooled gasoline engine, but if you use this part of earth auger, so everybody will notice, the daily maintenance is very important!Like the heat sink and fan and so on some of the items above in debris, dirt, so is can affect the use effect, so the second-hand excavator company remind you must regularly check and clean up some of the stuff!So we can guarantee normal gasoline engine cooling.