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how to dig holes in half soil&half rock area

post hole digger manufacturer

In the south of Kenya,some users will often encounter these problems, some of the southern mountainous area many are digging holes half half of soil layers, after a lot of 20 or 50 cm is rock, dug a pit to land more easily, for rock digging holes is difficult, many users are consulting we have can wear layers of mechanical equipment, digging machines digging holes poling can all-in-one pit stud in a mountainous area.
For rock excavation, the main for the pole hole, the sea mechanical digging holes made use of high-power hydraulic screw drill rod machine can call on weathered rock hole drilling for solid rock drilling using alloy bit pit efficiency is not high, domestic currently used or hydraulic picks or demolition hammer to dig a hole punch, hydraulic picks through gasoline to play rock is more effective, but also be slow, need to cut down little by little.
Ocean mechanical digging holes poling machine driven by a 100 - horsepower four-wheel-drive tractor for power, the power off-road capability is strong, abundant, but for a variety of soil lager, clay layer and weathered layer and weathered rock, construction waste, hard to dig a hole and permafrost land operation, effect is obvious

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