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how to extend the drilling machine using life

drilling machine in our factory-Zhongbiao machinery

Now method for the development of mechanization planting reaches deep into the power poledigging machines instead of human Labour, one of the indispensable tools for digging holes to plant trees machine needs to face all kinds of soil resistance to better finish the work, in the first place in the construction of the soil does not affect drilling, such as with pebbles that spiral leaves can be steamed bread when large spin excavated surface, ShaShuo layer such as the content of soil is more than 25% can be boring.As earth has brick can drill head, or by the spiral blade before the front knife cut.Such as sand, clay content is more than 25% will not affect the drilling work.Hanging hole digger greatly reduce the labor, dig a need two Labour used to spend half an hour, now only need 10 seconds to dig well, depth, size, higher quality and can meet the large-scale afforestation.

Under is the ZB machinery to introduce some of the simple method can be to prolong the service life of the earth auger oh, who use the new machine of course won't be tired.According to 25 to 1 share of the oil (40 ml against one litre of petrol engine oil).Mix the oil run out in the day, change the redness of mixed oil can't use;The new machine can't the use, please low speed running in 3 hours (the equivalent of 5 pot of oil moment);Want to let the machine taking longer, homework every half hour rest for 10 minutes;Prohibited in machine, high-speed in Russia but close by or you will make the next start a difficult;Feel abnormal sensation to the machine, please stop check immediately, if damaged, loose, eccentricity;Ban on using stones grass;Constraints of the scale of the bit a stern, modification or use number increase bit is not allowed while visiting, such as demand another type bit, can be directly contact us;Every work 50 hours to remove the spark plug, muffler carbon deposition, change the oil filter, increased gear oil to the gear box;Encounter problems themselves unable to deal with, please contact with themselves, not to tear open outfit;Safety matters: personal safety: ban on indoor to increase gasoline, beware of fire;When the machine run, prohibit limbs close to the bit;Sorting is necessary or view the machine downtime.Machine to drill safety: it is necessary to arrange the lawn before starting the sundry, ensure the safety of the machine;The machine long time need not when, about the rest of the fuel oil poured out, and then launch the machine clean all the fuel burned.

pole drilling machine with  cab