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hundreds of machine testing before leave facory

ZB machinery and strictly the quality pass, with a view to practical, each machine to pass through many times of commissioning to deliver customers to use, to ensure the customer normal use doesn't appear problem, digging machines has just rolled off the production line, the device is thinking what are the short board equipment, record down on improvements in the process of commissioning, so again and again, like a sword to after repeated tempering forging, dental laboratories to invulnerable, which is the machine in the hands of customers is the key to the problem of security.
Commissioning pictures show:
This is the appearance of caterpillar digging machine off the production line, we need to test the flexibility of crawler, turning function of arm, and bit driver, etc.The machine offline for several months now, however, after several changes, the caterpillar is not like this already the earth auger, increased the rear type drilling rig, body proportion also made adjustments, is a more sophisticated machines.