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our machine is suitable for all types of Soil area

Using a variety of soil: this machine using a wide range of soil, suitable for yellow clay layer, sand layer, weathering and other ordinary soil.Also apply to the permafrost, combining with the characteristics of permafrost and field trials, our factory professional design was carried out on the bit, and adopt reasonable steel as the main parts of drill bit, 3-8 minutes drill depth of 2 meters permafrost.For containing the pebble soil, the aircraft spiral blade into the turbine design, can easily will not be greater than the blade pitch pebbles easily spin out of the ground.For the next layer is the sand more professional bit configuration.Will the machine more soil drilling play incisively and vividly.
Convenient transportation: the long-distance transportation pipe can be unloaded, shrink the entire device after each cylinder will fold, height is not more than 2 m.Construction ZhongDuanTu drill pipe can be directly use wire walking on the set of the draw hook hanging tractor head again, keep the stable, the height of the hanging low after the drill pipe and front are basically identical.
Cross-country ability: the drive 2 or 4 x4 drag as power and carrier, mobile and convenient, suitable for a variety of terrain.
One machine: this machine adopts the most commonly used in electric power construction delay as the carrier, the superposed borehole, does not destroy drag used for the carriage of drag and drop function in the project, will transport materials, towing pole, pole pit drilling with a suit.
Whole structure design, drilling force hydraulic device, reasonable rotation speed, precision superposed point, direct pit drill, single operation, car to blastholes.