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method of enhancing the working efficiency of the trencher ditcher

Why the same ditcher work efficiency will vary widely?Low working efficiency ditcher should be how to improve?And do to prolong the service life of the ditcher?The sea machinery Suggestions are given the following:
(1) after new or repair of agricultural machinery must be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the request, after running in the related, can put into work.
(2) keep good lubrication, daily check carefully before operating the engine and chassis parts, such as lubricating oil, quality and quantity of the used lubricating oil, shall not work in the case of lack of lubricating oil.
(3) strengthen the air filter, oil filter, diesel filter and maintenance work, improve the ditcher filtration effect, make the work often is in good condition.
(4) it is strictly prohibited to farm machinery engine overload for a long time and avoid a captain idle running time.
(5), according to the requirement of the instructions on the use of agricultural machinery for agricultural machinery maintenance in time, to maintain good technical status, it is strictly prohibited to farm machinery "germs" homework.