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new type drilling machine instruction

New digging holes poling all-in-one compared to dig a hole and old poling machine appearance is obvious difference between the new added bridge, bridge over past operators the storm or bad work environment, and the increase of the cab equipped with air conditioning, reversing image system, provide the operator with a comfortable working environment and safer operation help, especially as now summer daytime temperatures may reach nearly 40 degrees Celsius, some parts of the northern winter outdoor temperatures can reach more than a dozen twenty degrees below zero, the cab's own air conditioning warm in winter and cool in summer, increase the comfort for the assignments.
Auxiliary drill parts:
All-in-one auxiliary drill is to dig a hole in the stem on the arm of a newly added fixed spiral drill device, the device can be mounted to the drill hole depth of 1.500 mm or less, the drill hole diameter of 800 mm or less spiral drill pipe, the spiral drill pipe can rotate 360 degrees within 11 meters any hole drilling, match the front main applicability broader drill.
Crane top frame part
New crane top frame, is my company manufacturing a without electricity, the power, but automatic leveling, high-altitude construction for mechanical platform.Removable, simple and convenient assembly, the use of safe and reliable.After the installation can instantly make crane ZhiBeiShi overhead working truck, increase the versatility of the crane, can be used in electric power construction and municipal construction, convenient safe and reliable.