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new upgrade for our drilling machine

Cement, sand gravel, construction waste, backfill and permafrost hard soil these often encountered when pole digging tunnels, past earth auger bit can't touch, a touch will break the drill bit.And the inventor of digging machines - gongyi city in henan province sea machinery factory in order to solve this problem, the careful research and development production of circular drill bit, on these geological solved by storm.
First hard soil to remove old earth auger bit triangle arrangement, into a circular arrangement, let bit larger contact with the ground, so as to prolong the service life of drill bit.
The earth auger bit then manganese alloy with high hardness of bit of gold, although prices rose by a few points, but the effect is very good.It doesn't look at us the situation of commissioning.
Finally, from design to installation Angle of drill bit design, is carefully debugging and production sales.Also equipped with air conditioning cab with warm in winter and cool in summer.
The sea will continuously essence to earth auger, constantly to dig a hole and produce according to customer requirements and poling machine electricity earth auger, concrete pole digging machines, pole pit machine, permafrost drilling machine, hard soil digging machines.High quality and low price welcome people from all walks of life to plant the field trial.For digging holes pause manufacturers to choose invention for power export gongyi sea machinery factory.

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