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technical key point

Digging machines work efficiency and the soil type, and the size of the power and the speed of bit down.If bit drop quickly, the power consumption, high efficiency;If bit slow down, the power consumption is small, the efficiency is low.Use medium hole digger dig a 60 cm deep pit, general soil need 6 ~ 7 s, hard soil takes around 20 s.
(1) before digging holes, the operator should wear thick shoes, clothing, gloves, hats and other safety protective equipment, and banned drinkers use tools.Use earth auger must follow the operating rules, resolute can't faulty operation, digging machines once found there was something wrong with machine, should immediately stop operation, repair and maintenance in a timely manner.
(2) start and try to dig digging machines.Capacity to the fuel tank refueling, according to regulations must be strictly according to gasoline and oil mixture ratio (25:1) preparation of fuel oil, shaking and then pumped into the tank.Will choke valve of gasoline engine is started to pull out, the speed control lever pull to leave resting position, the manipulation of the frame with his left hand hand handle, right hand push pull the starter rope (70 cm) long and momentum motivation starts, put back the starting rope gently, slowly pull a few times with my right hand speed stick again, make the speed control lever back to resting position, at the same time to drill spindle still.To dig a hole in the chosen site, will start the good lift, earth auger bit directly inserted into the soil, began to dig a hole.After achieving the depth of the digging holes, drill bit, separation of power output shaft, transfer machine to the next potholes.Planning foxholes all completed, the speed control lever pull to resting position, close the gasoline engine.
(3) has a variety of earth auger bit to choose from.For example, using medium hole digger dig the hole with a diameter of 70 cm, if a lot of time can not meet the agronomic demand, can adopt "repeatedly forming process, the first first dug 50 cm in diameter hole, a second time on the basis of the dug the hole with a diameter of 70 cm.
(4) an assignment process, dig a hole of the tractor hydraulic suspension system should be in a state of "float", bit alignment to dig a hole of the tag
The epicenter, its weight and rely on the ground.Tractor pto by rotating the grave, drive shaft and gear reducer drive the drill bit to cut to the central parts of the soil, soil, and then bit blade under the blade cut the dirt under the action of centrifugal force was thrown to the hole wall, and under the effect of friction along the spiral vane to rise to the ground, be scatters to acupuncture point near to the pit.Dig into the desired depth, then through hydraulic suspension drills to transport condition, complete the excavation process.
(5) digging machines use 30 ~ 40 cm diameter bit in hard land operations, don't fierce refueling door, when the drill into the soil 50 cm, because the resistance is very big, overload will happen, bit will turn to be not moved.At this time to be lift earth auger, and the throttle, the earth rotation, and then put down the drill bit.If there are any underground have larger stones to dig out the stones, or to dig a hole in another location, so as not to damage the drill bit.