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time control when in use

The post hole digger is the use of continuous operation, but also need to pay attention to proper rest, because the earth auger is also belongs to the mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment is running for a long time without rest will causes the damage of mechanical equipment.
Earth auger is indispensable to the botanical garden workers garden machinery and equipment, for the operation of the earth auger, anyone with operators of digging machines should be carefully read the instruction for use, digging machines and actual operation, often hear customer reflect and errors in our factory use, remind everybody here, digging machines also need to have a rest, is tired of digging machines.The application of digging machines in the afforestation project?
Digging machines will be tired, we often see operating equipment for work a few hours of digging machines "cow", myself don't feel tired, the our machinery remind everybody to reasonable use of digging machines, for the rest of the day digging machines, generally not more than 5 hours continuous work, digging machines need reasonable shutdown, make the temperature drop a drop of earth auger, everyone also all have a rest, for life and failure rate of digging machines have good help, need special attention to the operator.