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experience of transport in container

drilling machines is a kind of integrity is very strong, if only accessories make the user's own assembly is not very realistic, but shipments to foreign countries, as it is today to go container, bulk and became a problem, so take advantage of the opportunities for the delivery, I took the details of the shipment in detail, and you tell me the structure of the machine and packing steps, as long as it is need to send a container after the customer, the goods you received is like this.Because our earth auger size is 6520 * 2170 * 6520, belong to the larger hole digger, container is 2.7 meters high, 12 meters long, 3 meters wide, is a little transfinite in height, so we put the boom connection point and oil cylinder pin removed, with control bit big arm drag arm, thus reduce the height, also did not remove the hydraulic tubing, after the arrival of the goods, is also easy to install