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The working principle of tree digging machine

tree planting machine is also called tree digging machine, is a kind of garden machinery of digging machines, portable digging machine structure is compact, small volume, light weight, flexible, suitable for ding mountain and hills below 35 ° slope of barren hills and wasteland afforestation work digging machines.Portable digging machines powered by the gasoline engine with direct passing type gear reduction box, with a single or a double handle, connecting screw alloy bit, using artificial hand operation, have single and double operation type two kinds, is the modern light, portable borehole drilling machine.
Planting trees by digging machines of small two-stroke gasoline engine (2.2-3.68 kW), clutch, reducer, pipe and the set of device, safety and protective and bit, etc.Its working principle is as follows:
Driven by engine through the clutch, reducer and bit rotation.Usually adopts the detachable type handle operating device structure.The design requirements of handle sensitive operation and facilitate the engine throttle switch operation.
Portable block soil preparation machine researched and manufactured by our factory, but in 30 degrees slope as homework, in the center of the block of soil preparation at the same time the department dug the pit of planting trees.