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high-pressure oil pump for auger system

High pressure hydraulic pump connected to the output shaft of tractor, to power the entire hydraulic system, including hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and so on.Spiral blade rotation depend on hydraulic motor drive, 100 revolutions per minute or so, rises and drill pipe is controlled by two main oil cylinder, and the front motor drilling has two above the alignment control oil cylinder used for drilling of vertical degree of drill pipe.
Standard pipe diameter of 500 mm, length is 3 meters, pipe can be made from a diameter of 200 mm - 600 mm in diameter, up to a maximum of 4.2 meters length.Standard of spiral vane is 8 mm thick, special requirements can be customized.
Does not affect the drilling in soil, such as with pebbles that spiral leaves can be steamed bread when large spin excavated surface, ShaShuo layer such as the content of soil is more than 25% can be boring.As earth has brick can drill head, or by the spiral blade before the front knife cut.Such as sand, clay content is more than 25% will not affect the drilling work.
Before the helical blade with feng dao, material for 65 # manganese steel, can be easily cut up bit weathered rock hard.
Warranty 1 year warranty: hydraulic part, main body frame warranty 1 year.
The long walk, drill pipe can be hanging from a set of wire rope in front of the tractor.
Long-term need not when, can remove the drill pipe, tractor supporting arm folded after the car into the warehouse.