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Machine Antifreezing solution in winter

Because of the cold weather in winter, for the use of agricultural machinery and maintenance work bring many difficulties.It is hard to start the engine, fuel consumption increase, prone to freezing.The sea digging equipment in order to improve the service life and economic benefits of agricultural machinery, in the winter to take a series of practical and effective insulation antifreezing measures of agricultural machinery, read good insulation antifreeze through:
A, strengthen the body heat preservation
1, tractors and other agricultural machinery should be parked in the garage, as far as possible to prevent the erosion by rain and snow and ice.2, start the engine preheating prior, the method is: to refill of around 60 ℃ hot water for cooling system, pause, release again after heating water, until the machine temperature 40 ℃ or more to get started;Release of lubricating oil, water heating again after injection machines (note that can't use direct flame heating oil sump.Short time using electric flame preheater etc.3, on the engine cover insulation curtain, heat preservation, cardboard block in front of the radiator to the wind when necessary.4, some oil radiator mounted on the engine, should pull (switch to the "winter" position, make the oil oil flowing through the radiator.
Second, to prevent the frost crack parts
A day after the operation, should be small throttle running in a matter, standby temperature decreases and then remove from heat and cooling water.Note can't full throttle homework, stalling and water immediately, to prevent the body due to quenching crack.Water to open the tank cover and all the water switch, be sure to put the net.Not only in winter, it is in autumn, spring and cold winds, the temperature can reach 5 ℃ below should be pay attention to the water.2, during the cold season, cooling water should add antifreeze.3, periodically releases the water in the fuel tank, and strictly prevent water mixed with diesel oil, so as to avoid freezing diesel.4, appropriate increase the proportion of battery electrolyte (1.28 ~ 1.31), keep the battery using the method of supplementary charge in full charge, the battery from excessive loss of electric capacity due to low temperature and frost crack battery shell.
Three, correct selection of oil
Due to the composition of paraffin is contained in diesel oil, when the temperature dropped to near freezing point of diesel (more than 7 ℃ or so) when the paraffin precipitation, block oil.So the choice of diesel oil solidifying point should be higher than the lowest environment temperature 5 ℃ to 10 ℃, can choose low freezing point, good liquidity 0, 10, 20, light diesel oil.For lubricating oil, should be cleaned in the lubrication system on the basis of the change in viscosity smaller CA20 number (the original brand HC8), CA30 number (such as the original brand HC11) winter used lubricating oil, or use a thick oil mechanism, it contains can improve the high temperature viscosity and lower viscosity at low temperature additives can improve the low-temperature startup performance of engine.In the transmission and driving axle, can choose 20 gear oil.