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The advantages and disadvantages of our machine

1) .advantage

1, high efficiency: digging holes move strongly, 50 centimeters in diameter, depth of two meters pit probably can be completed within 1 minute, efficiency is the traditional way of artificial digging holes more than one hundred times, is rear to dig a hole type 5 to 7 times of the equipment;
2, operation is simple;To realize the integration of the driving and operating earth auger, 1-2 operating personnel can complete all kinds of holes dug drilling work;
3, high work quality: the equipment adopts the bit superposed design, the rear type are more likely to get the drill point.High strength drill, torsional, tensile, spiral drill pipe center positioning, dug the holes, solid, pit soil less allowance, maximum depth can reach 3.5 meters;
4, strong adaptability, due to the tractor or excavator to the equipment manufacturing platform, the type of equipment has strong off-road performance, hills, mountains, etc all can well adapt to the complex terrain, can in the north, clay layer, containing pebbles gravel soil, weathered rock and soil layer, permafrost, construction backfill garbage, whole sand bed, living garbage such as the construction work on the most soil layer;
5, wide scope of application: this equipment can be widely used in electric power telecommunication engineering, municipal engineering, landscaping planting engineering, construction engineering, solar photovoltaic power generation engineering, etc.

2) .disadvantage

1, the earth auger is machinery and equipment, according to the manual operation, the runtime to check parts clean and smooth.
2, digging machines to the tractor up with petrol at the petrol before starting work, filled with hydraulic oil hydraulic equipment, operating system with butter.
3, earth auger crane jib at work, the following is prohibited people stand.
4, tractors, according to the high price, so the tractor is relatively more expensive than portable digging machine many earth auger.
5, don't adapt to the earth auger: rock, the whole stone, dig a hole drilling work.