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The cold winter comes digging machine maintenance

Cold winter has arrived, a wide range of snow in recent days, may have a lot of trouble. Vehicular parked outdoors or digging machines to work hard to avoid heavy snowfall, if not timely cleaning up after the snow machines, equipment failure can occur easily, so will not only affect the service life of the earth auger, may also affect the normal operation of earth auger, so winter maintenance is necessary to earth auger, today we take a look at how should maintain winter digging machines!

1, clean air filter: remove cylinder head, valve group, wash the dirt, remove rust stain after grinding valve, clean with diesel filter first, then use oil infiltration, with excess oil drops from the screen before assembly.

2, release of cooling water, rinse the impurity in the cooling water, until in water flow of clean water; Put off the tractor the dirty oil inside the fuel tank, digging machines clean fuel tank, diesel oil filter, fuel injection pump.

3, clear the dirt on the battery pole pile, online card and a pile of butter. Unscrew charging hole cover, dredge vent, with distilled water to clean the impurities inside the battery, adding electrolyte charge after wash. Cleaning the tractor electrical equipment within the soil digging machines; Will be dry coil processing, insulation and conductivity tests.

4, timely cleaning tractors have dug a pit on the sludge, sundry.

5, discharge connecting rod nut, remove the piston connecting rod set of cleaning, remove swirl chamber set piece, clean the impurities, dredge automatically.the main nozzle, start the hole on the jams. ZB machinery production of digging machines The planting hole digger Portable telephone pole digging machines varieties more digging machines, models complete, we will give you guidance pattern of different customer needs, recommend the different quality requirements of products, digging machines allow you to spend the least money to do the biggest, with minimal investment to obtain the biggest benefitpole drilling tractor-The delivery on site of ZB