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cab type pole digger

As people life quality improvement, the working environment has reached the international level, the earth auger is commonly fieldwork, in order to better serve the construction schedule, digging machine inventor sea machinery professional design a new type of digging machines with a cab.
New type cab digging machine is in the digging holes to plant trees, utility poles, dig a hole digging machines and on the basis of the new rod machine increased the cabin, in the changeable climate environment and worry no rain or wind, let the wild earth auger is not limited to changes in four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter, warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly improved because of the rainy season and low temperature areas such as natural conditions affect the telegraph pole, afforestation, photovoltaic, solar and other projects.Let the earth auger is no longer restricted by external conditions work anytime and anywhere., of course, this new type of digging machines with cab no changes on the function, but also has dug a pit, stud, derrick, make hole technology.