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how to repaire cylinder head gasket of the machine auger system

cylinder head gasket is pole digging machines equipment between the cylinder head and the body LianXiMian elastic seal gasket, its function is to supplement the contact surface of the micro pore, and further ensure the faying surface has excellent sealing.So there is a need for the production data can under the condition of high temperature, corrosion has good elasticity.
Cylinder gasket generally refers to the impact of high temperature and high pressure gas or water disorder, forming cylinder gasket sealing surface damage and loss of a seal problem.Cylinder pad are washed after bad will happen to the following scene: the engine overheating, homework weakness;Tank from filler bubbling and steaming;The oil pan allow it to increase the oil level of the water;The exhaust pipe sometimes outward drainage and so on.
If remove the cylinder pad, in its are washed to the bad parts can see charred black spot.For earth auger cylinder pad is a very important part of, but because of the common improper use and maintenance can form cylinder pad at the scene of a bad so will render engine overheating, which renders its machine operation and so on questions, the serious influence machine the normal operation of the pit, and demand a timely processing pit machine cylinder pad blunt bad questions.
Cylinder gasket are washed to the bad factors mainly include and cylinder head bolts, cylinder liner convex shoulder and processing devices and elements such as improper maintenance, now due to the cylinder head and bolt elements to form a cylinder pad are washed to the bad factors and prevention is introduced as follows:
1, the cylinder head bolt looseness or neck stretched, forming cylinder head and cylinder gasket joint surface earth pressure is inconsistent, or even a single part presents the gap, the high temperature and high pressure gas from the cracks appear, repeatedly in the same place and bad cylinder pad.A single bolt looseness is found, the bolt can be pulled out from the cylinder screw hole, to expand the screw hole, and make a bottom bolts threaded portion bold change.Rules of the cylinder head bolt with cold drawn not annealing steel 40 or 45 # steel production.Else, cylinder head and cylinder block surface roughness increase, will cause cylinder gasket was broken to happen when working in a flat.Cylinder head and cylinder block surface roughness Ra should be no greater than 6.3 microns, is greater than this value should be grinding operation to make it conform to the requirements.
2, cylinder head nut tightening torque is too small, the nut is not evenly tighten in a diagonal sequence may bolt nut tightening torque is too big that bolt occurred plastic deformation, can make the cylinder gasket can't be tightly between the cylinder head and cylinder pressure, the high temperature and high pressure gas from the cylinder when working out of the burning cylinder pad.Thus cylinder pad in installation of cylinder head nut must rule torque according to the sequence with symmetric points three times even tighten, and put into operation in tractor after 1 ~ 2 flight should also examine the nut fastening condition.Different hole digger on quality is not the same.

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